Legacy app, meet ColdBox

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The term "legacy application" strikes fear in the heart of many a developer, invoking images of spaghetti code, undocumented secret sauce, and evidence of multiple attempts to start some semblance of a paradigm that might have been in the vague direction of a coding standard or convention. Fortunately, there now exists a direct path to bring your legacy out of the cold and into the warm embrace of a modern framework.

ColdBox has seen the need for a migration path for these applications and implemented a feature called Implicit View Dispatch. This means that without having an event handler defined, you can create views, and the events and actions are implicitly created based on folder structure of /views. For example, I can create a view file in the location of views/about/contactUs.cfm, and the corresponding event is implicitly created, permitting the URL mysite.com/about/contactUs to display that view. No handlers, no layouts, no routes. Just views. Pretty slick.

Slides for Say goodbye to “it works on my machine” with Chef and Vagrant

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Thanks to everyone who came out to my presentation today on Say goodbye to “it works on my machine” with Chef and Vagrant.  I hope you learned a ton and are excited to start automating all the things

You can find the code for it at https://github.com/gratzc/it-works-on-my-machine-chef-vagrant or you can just view the presentation online at http://gratzc.github.io/how-to-be-a-good-os-citizen/it-works-on-my-machine-chef-vagrant.

Nathaniel is speaking at Into The Box 2014


We are proud to announce that Nathaniel Francis has been selected to speak at the very first Into The Box conference in May.  

He will be speak on Relaxing With ColdBox RESTFul Services.  See more on this hot-N-ready topic at http://www.intothebox.org/#sessions

Curt is speaking at Into The Box 2014


We are proud to announce that Computer Know How Owner Curt Gratz (along with others, but more to on that to come) has been selected to speak at the very first Into The Box conference in May.  

He will be speak on Dependency Injection: Wiring Up for the Future as well as Meet The Family: WireBox, CacheBox, LogBox, & TestBox.  

If you haven't heard of this amazing one day conference.  We strongly suggest checking it out.  It's a one day conference right before cf.Objective() focusing on the *Box family of frameworks as well as industry best practices with speakers from around the world.

The venue for this event is the Homewood Suites by Hilton is right across the road from the Radison Blu at the Mall of America. 

Check out more at the site http://www.intothebox.org/

Curt is speaking at cf.objective()


We are proud to announce that Computer Know How owner Curt Gratz will be speaking at cf.Objective() this year.  cf.Objective() is the worlds only enterprise ColdFusion conference and is a great place to go to level up your development skills.  He will be speaking on "Say goodbye to “it works on my machine” with Chef and Vagrant"

Handling BOMs with JSMin

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A fantastic tool for increasing web app efficiency is Luis Majano's JSMin compressor.  It takes your local CSS or JavaScript files, compresses them, and stores them as an aggregated file in your app's cache.  I did run into a bit of trouble with it recently when I ran it on an app's new stack and encountered a bit of a BOM problem.  Here's why the BOM can be a problem and a simple way to fix it.

MXUnit Decorators in cfscript

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This is just a quick post showing how to use any of the MXUnit decorators, including the new ORM transaction decorator designed for ColdBox ORM Services, in pure cfscript.  It took me a second to get the syntax correct so I thought I would share and keep this for my own reference.

New ContentBox CKTemplates Module

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Another of my examples from my Theming ContentBox Websites talk during ContentBox Developer Week (CBDW.2) last week was a new ContentBox module I created called CKTemplates. Check out the new module which I have out on ForgeBox and GitHub.

After installation it creates a new icon in your CKEditor toolbar for your templates.

When you click on the templates icon you get a "Content Templates" dialog box where you can choose from the available templates. CKTemplates comes with 8 templates included that are all based on Twitter Bootstraps scaffolding.

After selection of, in this case, the "Hero Unit w/ Three Columns" the WYSIWYG CKEditor displays the page with your Twitter Bootstrap scaffolding applied.

Building With Blocks - ColdBox Modules CBDW2

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Thanks to all who attended my Building With Blocks ColdBox Modules session today as part of ColdBox Developer Week 2013.  

Here is a link to the show recording. 


And here is a link to my slides

Building With Blocks

New ContentBox Bootswatch Layout

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As an example for my Theming ContentBox Websites talk for ContentBox Developer Week (CBDW.2) this week I put together a new ContentBox layout built on Twitter Bootstrap (of course).  The fun part of the layout development was then adding in Bootswatch enabled theming via the layout settings capabilities now available from within ContentBox layouts.  Another interesting portion of the layout was my integration with the new (as of 1.5.2 of ContentBox) minification and LESS compiling capabilities of my CSS assets.  Check out the new layout which I have out on ForgeBox and GitHub.

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