I have arrived in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland to speak at this years Scotch on the Rocks conference.  I am very excited to meet new people and learn lots of new things.  The conference hotel is nice and the staff has been very friendly.  I enjoyed my first day in Scotland and even had some Haggis for breakfast.

My "planned" Scotch On The Rocks schedule is as follows


  • HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap
  • Mobile Frameworks Shootout!
  • Quit your boring 9-5er
  • The number one ingredient behind (technical) success: Team
  • How to be a good open source citizen


  • Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor For The Web
  • An introduction to Sinatra and Ruby - swing when you're winning.
  • Caching for Performance and Scalability
  • I'm pretty sure that HTML6 is going under the codename Angular JS
  • Just Mock It: Discovering Mocks & Stubs!