We are proud to announce that Computer Know How owner Curt Gratz will be speaking at cf.Objective() this year.  cf.Objective() is the worlds only enterprise ColdFusion conference and is a great place to go to level up your development skills.  He will be speaking on "Say goodbye to “it works on my machine” with Chef and Vagrant"  

Learn what Vagrant and Chef are and how and why you would use them. We will look at how using automated environments lets you develop quicker and more easily. We will take a look at some of the options for setting up various stacks (NGNIX vs Apache, ACF vs Railo, CentOS vs Ubuntu) and how you can quickly compare stacks using Vagrant and Chef combined. Discuss how to use the same Chef recipes to setup production environments.

You will learn

  • Learn what Chef and Vagrant are and why you would use them
  • How to use Chef and Vagrant to get rid of “it works on my machine”
  •  How to compare various technology stacks quickly using Chef and Vagrant
  • Learn the basics of a “Vagrant File” and how to configure your Vagrant box
  • Discuss the various ways to provision and configure your development machine