The ContentBox FormBuilder module has now been updated a great deal from its original 0.1 initial release to version 1.0.  The new version fixes a significant number of bugs as well as adds reCAPTCHA and style/container hooks to the settings screen.

So what is FormBuilder? FormBuilder is a ContentBox Module that will enable form building capabilities in your applications.  You can select from text, textarea, dropdown, checkbox, radio, etc.


From ContentBox click "Modules" then "Manage".  Select the "ForgeBox" tab and browse for "ContentBox FormBuilder Module v1.0".  Alternatively you can download the compressed file directly from GitHub at the following link:

(UPDATE: FormBuilder version 1.5 has now been released which is primarily a visual update to work with the ContentBox 1.5 version's new admin look/feel.  In order to get a compatible version of FormBuilder for ContentBox versions older than 1.5 you will need to download directly from the GitHub 1.0 tag referenced below.)