Web Development


Looking for help with your application?  Are you stuck and don't know where to turn?  Contact us today and we can start taking care of all your problems (well...  most - we don't do plumbing). We can help you with custom web development, custom programming, system architecture, code reviews, and OO (object oriented) programming.  If you have front end development or back-end architecture needs, we can help.  We are experts in ColdFusion, ColdBox, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5.  Our team has spoken at cf.Objective(), Open CF Summit, and Scotch on the Rocks.  We are members of Team ColdBox and we enjoy open source.  We do our best to know our stuff and help our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We pride ourselves in taking ownership with every project we work on and we will treat your project as if it is our own.  Let us help you today.

Team Augmentation

Do you need more bandwidth on your team to get your project done on time?  Having a hard time trying to hire quality ColdFusion developers on your own?  Why not augment your team with ours?  We love working on teams in waterfall and agile environments.  We have experience with large teams and small teams, on large projects and small projects.  We take ownership in every project we work on.  Whether you need a front end expert or a back-end guru, we have staff that can easily plug into your team.  We would love to be a solid addition to your team today.

CSS/HTML5 Website Design

Is your website partying like it's 1999?  Is it still peg rolling its pants?  We want to help get you a professional modern web design using the most of HTML and CSS to bring your site to life.  Our team of designers and graphic artists will help your website shine.  We love to build sites with responsive web design so you are mobile ready while maintaining a standard website presence.  We use tools like LESS and jQuery to help your site layout and your sites code be cross browser compliant. We put performance first, so you know that your site will always be fast. Contact us today to have your website moved towards the future.

E-commerce / Shopping Carts

Selling widgets? Marketing products? Let our e-commerce experience and web development skills create an online presence for your store that you can be proud to send customers to. Our back end tools allow you to easily edit your site's content, including products and product pricing.  We offer tools that track which products are selling and how your products perform over time. Contact us today and let our e-commerce experts design you a site that ROCKS!!

ColdBox Alliance Partner

ColdBox Alliance Partner Computer Know How It's official. Computer Know How is the very first ColdBox Alliance Partner.  This means we are an official support arm of the ColdBox Framework. So, if you are looking to develop a ColdBox site, or looking for development help with your current ColdBox site, Computer Know How can help.  View our bio on the ColdBox site.

What is ColdBox?
ColdBox: ColdBox is an event-driven conventions based ColdFusion Development Platform. It provides you with a set of reusable code and tools that you can use to increase your development productivity, and it provides you with a development standard when working in a team environment. ColdBox is comprehensive and modular which helps you address most infrastructure concerns of typical ColdFusion applications. It also goes places that other frameworks don't.

CMS (ContentBox Experts)

Looking for top level CMS features with custom programming to back them up?  We are the support arm of the powerful ContentBox modular CMS for ColdFusion . We can build you a custom ContentBox site layout or create you custom modules to support your business functions that are built right into ContentBox.  The ContentBox core is totally modular, meaning your application is not bogged down with monolithic functionality you don't need.  There is a multitude of components available at ForgeBox that you can use to enhance ContentBox, or even write your own.  ContentBox can also be used to enhance ANY ColdBox application with content capabilities.

Performance Tuning

Is your application performing poorly?  Do you brew your coffee while waiting for your own page to load? Are you reading this while you wait for it to fire up right now?  If so, we'd like to help you.  We use tools like JMeter and BadBoy to find your pain points and then do code reviews and code refactoring to make your site fly.  One of our greatest joys is watching page load times go down as we pick up your site's performance.  With over 67 years of experience on our team, we know the tricks for making your site better.  We like to say we have a 2 step process for making your site perform better. Step 1) Identify the problem. Step 2) FIX IT!!  Let us "FIX IT!" for you today.

System Architecture

Starting a new project?  Redoing an old one?  We would love to help you get it right from the very beginning.  We feel that all too often, people overlook taking the time to architect a solution that will be great not just for today but also for the future.  We use tools like Balsamic Mockups and UML diagramming to find design flaws early in the development lifecycle.  Our architects do their best to understand your business goals and what problems your application is trying to solve right from the very beginning.  Let us architect a system for you today that will take your business to the next level.

Code Review

Wish you had someone else to look over your code?  Ever wonder if you're doing it right?  Every developer does.  Let us do that for you.  We'll review anything from a single page to entire systems while offering suggestions and mentoring along the way.  We strive to do so in a way that fosters learning and is NEVER negative.  We want to help you become a better developer and help your code be the best it can be. We love watching your eyes light up when you learn something new and amazing.  Let us open your eyes today.